shame & shaving

Biggest beauty mistake? maybe

on a really fine day, I was laying in my bed and reading through articles in snapchat. There were bunch of beauty articles and ONE that really caught my attention because I went through the same situation back when I was 13 or 14. Shame and shaving.

shaving is not unfamiliar word to girl. I mean its not just girls but everyone including guys. People use to make fun of me because of my skin color and my hairy limbs. I hated myself back then. Some people even call me “monkey” because my hand are too hairy to “them”. Because I’m mixed Arabic-Bugis… just that word Arab, that often comes with thick body hair, so I inherited “that” gene, if you know what I mean.


Back in high school, I decided to pick up a razor/shaver, to shave my entire arms just to feel good about it because everyone won’t stop blabbering about me apparently. God bless them. The next day, came to school, showed my friend my bare hairless arms and I thought thing would turn around but it never was. People are still mean and I couldn’t win. It makes me feel too bare without my hair on my arms and why am I doing this just to satisfy everyone? 

so I realized, shaving my hands, doesn’t do shit. It doesn’t feel like me at all. I hate it when my arms are too bare. The worst part about shaving, my arms were prickly and irritated. I learnt a lesson, never let anyone do things that you don’t wanna do, for beauty or otherwise. 

since my high school bullying, I stop changing myself for the society but instead I change myself for ME (no pressure) and learning to accept myself more each day. If I put on make up and makes me feel good then no one can say anything about it. Because we are the author of our life not THEM not anyone but YOURSELF…

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Tint & Pink

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wearing: outerwear by H&M, t-shirt by Cotton On, loose pants by H&M, clutch by MANGO, shoes by Vincci

“style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

what’s trending? that slipper/shoe or whatever they call it. A fashion vlogger (Harper and Harley) I LOVE HER, celebrity like Kylie Jenner wearing those type of shoes. or even this rap singer G-Eazy using it! it’s kinda trending I must say. which is why I bought it. other wardrobes are UNSEASONAL ?  So, I paired them with my favorite outerwear and loose pants and keep the attention to my white shoes and white shirt. and I’m using faded pink hijab to keep the bright tone in checked.

#OOTD airport vibes 

photo by: Ema.M

photo reference: Harper and Harley, Puma

People of Sarawak

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img_1023img_1024wearing: t-shirt by H&M, kimono, H&M black pants, white converse

probably one of my favorite shoot ever. Even though it was raining for quite sometimes but all is good. I am in love (LOVEEE) with this kimono the first time I saw it. and I just know I had to buy it. and talking about that white walls though. That venue is just awesome

I did this shoot for an exhibition. and for my vlog of course. I don’t know yet if I got in to that exhibition but if I don’t its fine. But if I do get in, I don’t know what my emotion are. Because I am pretty sure I don’t get in..  

photo by: Rafir.M

Ristorante Beccari

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wearing: outerwear by H&M, black dress by H&M

“Always dress like you’re seeing your worst enemy”-Kimora Lee Simons

my favorite fashion quote are by Kimora. Girl, I am 100% agree with her. I mean let’s think about it for a sec.. When you unexpectedly saw your ‘enemy’ or even EX! in the mall or of course someone you hate at least you are at your best outfit. Right? I mean that gives me a huge relief “oh hey look at me..” ANYWAYS, 

Minimal is the KEY.. I have always loving the idea of minimal. where I’ll be wearing 3 colors and that’s about it. yes. I am that girl who’s afraid of colors. Fear of ending up looking like an ice cream is not what I had in mind. but of course you can use multiple colors in a right away. and girl, confidence is also another major KEY. 

photo by: Ema.M

White sands & army green


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wearing : Cotton On Jacket, h&m dress, Zara jeans, h&m run sneakers

Fash-ion /’fæfn/ – manner of way of doing ,popular style (OXFORD advanced learner’s dictionary)

FASHION… what are fashion meant to you? but really, don’t let fashion defined you. Let your DEFINITION defined your fashion. As confusing as that may sound, in other words, don’t let others defined your “Do’s and Don’t’s ” just because they want you to be in certain ways. Be yourself. Be your own kind of beautiful (why does I sounded like song lyric?)

I think for me the best way to describe my passion and love to fashion is unseasonable. yes you heard that right. UNSEASONABLE. 

I don’t go by seasons look (like we have any seasons here) or what’s trending in fashion world. Well maybe sometimes. I just love what I wear and if it makes you feel good, why not? No pressure…  

photo by: Ema.M | editor: VSCO